Why Is Training Important?

Why Is Training Important

  • 94% of employees agree to stay longer when properly trained
  • Dealers who invest in training gain 21% more profit
  • 84% of employees at Top Performing Dealerships receive the professional training they need to succeed
  • When management is bought into the training and reinforces it, 75% of employees stay engaged

What Sets Auto Dealer University Apart:

  • Diversity in Trainers – 30+ Certified Training Contributors
  • Reality-Based Training – On the Lot, At the Desk, On the Phone
  • Engagement Team – Reports pushed to you to create accountability and tracking
  • LIVE Trainings – Trainers will drop into a sales meeting through ZOOM and train your team
  • Fresh Content – Monthly content added
  • Short Segments to Capture Attention – Keeps the attention of your team