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“Sunday night I watched the $178 video and came in Monday and added $178 to each deal. I’ve done the math and it’s going to make a big difference at the end of the year” Michael Justice - General Manager - Bill White VW

“The training has been really helpful and Cynthia (The Sales Manager) loves getting the takeaways from the team. It really helps gauge comprehension and areas for additional discussion!” Brittany Hibdon - Dealer Principal - Hibdon Auto Center

"A lot of my team is taking more than one session when logging in to catch up through the holidays that we're off. I think that the material is great, we have print out's to go over, different speakers to switch things up, very informative. I like the process that they teach which is similar to the way we already work. I like that we can log in and work at our own pace and for people like myself - at home - if I don't have enough time in the day."

Jenna Demaya - BDC Manager at Firkins Automotive

“As a new Internet Sales Manager, I knew that I needed guidance on how to grow as a leader-- Auto Dealer University is exactly what I needed to accomplish this. The content is relevant and interesting, and I love that they keep adding more and more content that makes for a more well-rounded Internet Department. It's helped my team learn new ways to overcome objections over the phone and in e-mail, and it's made them prepare more for the phone call. They have crushed both personal and group record sales goals since joining. More than just the videos and great content, I love the fact that Joe will answer his phone immediately. I have access to someone who knows this business and is more than willing to share his knowledge with me without having to wait for a response. What's more is that he is happy to do it! I love working with trainers that are so interactive, and I attribute so much of my department's growth to Auto Dealer University. It's provided a clear direction of where we need to go and how to get there.” Randi Martin - Internet Sales Director - Garlyn Shelton Auto Group

"I thought that this training was the best. It showed you how to build the rapport without pressuring the client and building value in the car they are looking for. I love the idea of having the client go over their trade with you and asking them to tell you anything good or bad about their car. But most of all to review with the customer if this is a car that they would like to own and if there was anything else they would like to add." Karen Tangredi - Riverhead Motors 

"My team really likes the online training with ADU, it’s more realistic and available any time, I also love the Daily Takeaways that show what my team has learned, it’s really helpful" Josh Mitchell - Hubert Vester Auto Group

"The online training gives me access to multiple trainers in one location at any time. I can get different takes on the same concepts. I really like that.” Brett Cumming - Baum Chevy

"I have been in the car business for 30 years and there are very few people that have motivated me to want to train more but I found what you do and how you do it to be motivating. I would come work for David Villa.” Darwin Grote - Family Kia

"Auto Dealer University shortens the time for new hires to the floor. The content gives them insight into the dealership world, the lingo etc...” Walter Hayes - McLarty Daniel Automotive

"I am eating this up right now! Second month in car sales and I absolutely love it! 10 on the board this month, 3 consignments and 3 purchases. Coming from Banking, brief stint in HVAC im DEFINATELY digging and drinking the automotive industry koolaid.” Denis Mahoney - Driven Cars Canada

"This is a really good training 4 new hires and updating skill sets. This is a great foundation for selling cars and should be used to better myself to do it the correct way.” David Crockett - Toyota of Longview

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Auto Dealer University Features

You get everything listed below in a simple, all-inclusive package.

Client Engagement Specialist

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, and user onboarding, ideal for busy execs who just need more hours in the day.

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Weekly Content Updates

Worried about running out of content? Don't. We consistently add 10+ new videos every week!

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Team Management Portal

Managers can keep their team on track with our custom management portal, so you can track and analyze progress.

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Team Analytics Reports

Get customized, in-depth reports for your entire team so you know exactly what's working.

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4 Week Course Paths

Custom 4 week paths laid out with daily content and takeaways so your team knows exactly what to do.

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11 Core Courses

Includes New Hire, Sales, BDC/Internet, Management, F&I, Objections & Rebuttals, Marketing and more!

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19 Supplemental Courses

Includes Leadership, Branding, Motivation, Own The Phone, Prospecting and more!

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Optional Onsite Training

Does your whole team need training? Let us come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you.

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