Why Sales Training is VITAL @ Every Car Dealership

2021 was a big year for the auto industry and car dealerships as a whole.

It demanded a pivot in supply and increased the demand for many dealerships, in various unexpected areas.

All across the country dealers are forced to change how they operate their businesses and how they navigate backed up supply chain and production issues with car companies.

Further more, consumers have been left feeling like an in-person appointment may not be necessary and a virtual sale may be the way to go.


These speed bumps have caused dealerships to really take a look at how they train and support their sales staff. Specifically in the areas of prospecting, how to operate on the showroom floor, CRM training, selling through low inventory… and many more important areas.

This is where Auto Dealer University comes in and provides the much needed support and training dealers are looking for!

At Auto Dealer University we offer bumper to bumper sales development that is vital to equip your team with for success.
DID YOU KNOW: Recent studies have shown that ONLY 15% of customers believe an automotive sales person can truly understand their needs.
That is not ok!!!

We are offering a 30-day FREE trial, for all dealerships, who are looking to not only increase revenue (during this very interesting time in the automotive industry)… but also add value to their sales staff and increase overall confidence and comradry!

It’s time to take the next step in listening to your sales staff’s needs and empowering them!

Looking for expert trainers who really get your frustrations and how to create growth opportunities?

We offer a myriad of highly skilled trainers through our FREE virtual platform, that can build your team in over 15 areas. Again, it’s FREE so what do you have to loose?

We hope you sign up today and see what Auto Dealer University is all about. We look forward to working with you soon!!