Automotive Sales Training Solutions


Our automotive sales training platform was developed when we discovered a major gap in automotive sales training programs. Many of our sister companies long-time Hybrid+ Marketing clients were beginning to express a need for a comprehensive, user-friendly automotive sales training system for their entire dealership team that covered everything from Sales to BDC to Fixed Ops, F&I and beyond.

Our team set out to conduct an some research which allowed us to answer some of our dealer clients biggest questions and, ultimately, solve them with our new automotive sales training platform.

1. We don't just need help in shaping our "green peas" with automotive sales training, but also in helping our top-producers from becoming stale. Can you help with this?

We’ve created courses specifically for dealership new hires to ensure they have a solid foundation to build upon. In addition to these courses, there is a heavy focus on mindset and growth designed to help your top-producers continue delivering great results for your dealership, and take things to the next level. We’ve also found that requiring everyone on your team (from new hires to seasoned professionals) to go through our entire process is a great “back to the basics” approach. Our autotmotive sales training team has heard from quite a few 30+ year car pros who’ve reached out to us and mentioned that the new hire training served as a great refresher course.

2. Daily training is time-consuming and a drain on our team. Can you create an automotive sales training solution that is effective, but condensed into shorter segments?

We found this was an easy problem to solve because our training is already designed in this manner. Auto Dealer University uses the same “eat the elephant one bite at a time” training approach that our Founder and CEO, David Villa, implemented at iPD Agency beginning in 1999. Over the years we’ve found 20 – 30 minutes of training to be the ultimate knowledge retention sweet spot. Anything beyond this and the retention rate will decrease considerably.

3. Our management team is incredibly busy and often spread thin, so we're dealing with a lack of accountability when it comes to sales training. Is there an easy solution to this problem?

While we will never be able to completely remove the dealership manager’s role in holding their team accountable, we wanted to make it as easy on them as possible. We achieve this goal by providing each dealership with a Client Engagement Specialist. Our specialist handles the bulk of the accountability process including:

  • Handling the entire dealership onboarding process.

  • Scheduling regular phone calls with managers to update them.

  • Adding new users to Auto Dealer University.

  • Generating user-activity reports, and emailing them to the manager on a regular basis.

  • Building a custom learning path for each dealership team.

  • Regularly communicating via email with the dealership team.

  • Suggesting courses to study and creating contests to keep teams engaged.

  • Act as an encouraging influence for everyone on your team.